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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Joy Light From Within

A (Light) Joy From Within
Safe Homes...Safe Communities... Safe Living

Creating Brotherhood (action),
Sanctuary Housing,
Exchange of Services,
Neighborhood Community Gatherings (heart)

Gatherings Description:
Our elders, missionaries (golden warriors) and members (active-indigos and crystal_indigo_children) provide basic living necessities through brotherhood action, operating safe houses, promoting families and individuals to give, share and exchange their services within the greater community and travelers, and join together monthly to encourage our bonds of unity. Focus is on local community sustainability, health, safety and wellness.

To promote peace, unity and "the Great Giveaway" within our community and world.

The Great Giveaway is the ability to give away your time, money, belongings or individual services to any and all that need or want it. Through the practice of "giving" our organization donates all proceeds for the benefit of our community and individuals. We do this through establishing "safe" homes where any and all are welcome to receive shelter, food, compassion, and basic living necessities. Our goal is to provide a large network of homes, gardens and schools within all local communities.

The plan encompasses development of three parts.

Heart, home and community.

Part 1: Heart: receiving, learning to love ourselves so we can extend our love to others. 
Learning about others and the perfection that each individual has to offer. 
Join the vision quest and the blessed gathering. 
(Let's party! instilling joy in our lives as all ages come together in unity)

Part 2: Home: giving, establishing and supporting 'safe' homes (Sanctuary Housing) and "safe" places (Club Evolution) for families and individuals within our communities around the world.

Part 3: Community: establishing "The Great Giveaway" through community awareness and programs. (Club Evolution) Encouraging community sustainability and benefits by: Simplifying, recycling, upcycling, growing organic foods, composting, home building, water purification, air purification, learning native plants and soils applications. Most importantly, sharing of our stories so others in my local community may benefit the world of Heaven and Earth.

Implementation: Mission
  • Sacred Nine Ceremonies of the Laws of Love, Spirit of the Lake Ordained to distribute!
  • Mathematical Perfection of the Rainbow Colors, House of Dan, Suns of Israel Ordained to distribute!
  • Implementation requires Sharing of Stories, we call it advertising these days.  Telling others about us, will spread the word about that everything is free, let us all be part of the Great Give-a-way.  Giving a hand towards others is good, however it is the RECEIVING of our hidden stories that offer us the most spiritual wisdom from all our relatives of the Rainbow Clan; animals, plants and rocks in each of us grows the heartbeat and the breath that gives us sacredness.
  • Let us be good neighbors, food, electricity, fuel, including our homes for those without and items needed for the programs to fill the heart. Give a gift today.  Find a heart you may need later!  We must gather and create bonds to promote a village, no matter where you live.
  • Community Gathering programs and the printing materials needed for training /trainers. Parents, Children and Educators, teach the story sharing, close and afar, but share daily stories about visions and dreams and problems and joys, about everything else!  Write things down for others, they need you!
  • Distribute Give-A-Ways and offer continuing supporting services and manufacturing. You may very well need to fix it yourself during the migration.  Tone up on physical applications, both maintenance and artistic endeavors.
  • Create integration of corporate (to make into a body)well being. 
  • Create a Red Man police force for the red road the law of love, especially created for Warrior Down programs. Get the Keepers in their place (red man) at local gatherings. 
  • Create Jewish Women Local Gathering force, for the blue road, the law of joy, managing and implementing local gatherings (kosher foods) for all of the community!

Networking & Continuation:
  • Networking (angel services to all communities integrating supporting networks) and providing information on established Sanctuary Homes (anyone offering a room for free) and Buddy System for travelers (Sanctuary places in the future, will compete for the travelers). 
  • Taking the program to all cities and towns and implementing them throughout the world. We will become the loving Sisterhood as our hearts open within and flow together with Mother Earth, as she swims along side us in our (reflection) creation.
  • Warriors of the Rainbow Training.  Parents and Educators now have children with skills that cannot be controlled except with the LAW of LOVE.  Teach and provide education for all. New fitness is learning to manage dark space, as it folds together as Oneness.  Relatives are now the person, who needs you to speak and share the story! Sharing unites our hearts, the very Souls that have wisdom of the ages, as more and more of our children, can do unbelievable acts of true magic, with thoughts or various body parts.  Our children need us to guide them into their new skills, however parents need understand, evolution is coming home to us, as prophecy unfolds.  We are the ones who are listening!
  • Elders Around the World in Migration Training.  More of us are learning new spiritual skills, because to survive, we need learn walk the path of sacredness, for continuation of the eternal circle of life as a species. It's much more simple than you think.  Just bless your space every hour of every day, and you will find the riches you deserve, freedom of hate, when you bless the space! Heavenly is coming home to the paradise of Earth!

Fire Offers Purification

Mother Gives Birth to Joy with Pain and Suffering, the Law of Love
Western Shore
Four Sacred Directions

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