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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Beam Medical Fraud Technology

Beam Medical Fraud Technology

Beam Medical Fraud Technology
911 Industrial
Palo Alto, California, 94039

Beam Medical Fraud Murdering Whore Technology
  1. Mind control
  2. Murder
  3. Nanite Shooters
  4. Electronic Terrorism
  5. Police Killing
  6. Gang Banging (thugs on street corners, etc.)
  7. Surveillance
  8. Mind Whoring
  9. Gang Raping
  10. Gang Violence
  11. Electronic Fear Mongering (FCC regulations exceeds over buildings, etc, blocking the air waves)
  12. Pedophilia
  13. Targeting Game (reward for killing is pedophilia)
  14. 24/7 gang stalking
  15. City Code, State Code, Federal Code Violations and High Treason (ww3 crimes)
  16. Intellectual property theft
  17. Real Estate property theft
  18. Vandalism (all kinds)
  19. Arson (starting fires in many ways)
  20. Prostitution/whoring
  21. Pedophilia Stalking 24/7 with vehicles, bicycles, walkers, etc.
  22. Role Playing (street theatre, including playing cops)
  23. Defile and ruin reputations
  24. Spraying Posions
  25. Spraying Genetically Modified Bugs
  26. Spraying Harmful Bacteria to Infect you
  27. Medical Fraud (all kinds, done by the nanite shooters and murdering stalkers)
  28. Buy their products and the first thing that happens is “MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY”, then they got your address and they start the GAME (Targeting) to get you ill, harm you, send you to the doctors, then make you get so sick, even harm your family, get you isolated, then take everything you got, including your home and rape your children, even steal them to pedophile. And even worse than that, is these people “Cannibalize the Children”
  29. Microwave trucks to whole communities
  30. Sound weapons to whole communities
  31. Microwave, sound, ultrasound weapontry (small to very large)
  33. contact for any questions or answers, or to assist ridding these CRIMINALLY INSANE.   First hand witness to all of these crimes! (their employees who kill and mane, validate all of these crimes and I have soooo much evidence. The law is love, not murder. However, Beam Medical Fraud Technology, only cares about “PROFITS” and “THEFT” and “MURDER”

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